"Agent 99, High Style Spy" Life, April 15, 1966. page 59-60."


Agent 99, High Style Spy

So here is Barbara Feldon (Agent 99). She is caught in midplot and, presumably, midbungle, with Don Adams (Agent Smart) in the "Cone of Silence" contraption they use on TV's spy spoof, Get Smart. Espionage, however, is about the only thing Barbara does bungle. A former top model who still performs as Revlon's tiger girl, she once picked up $64,000 as a Shakespeare expert on that quiz show. Now she is fast building a reputation as a swinging style-setter, offscreen as well as on. Her preference is for high-necked, long-sleeved, easy-fitting outfits with short skirts balanced by low-heeled shoes. The striped silk one above is by Rudi Gernreich ($140)--quite a switch from the poured-on low-necked garb of yesterday's TV heroine.

Barbara likes California-
designed clothes for their casual sophistication, and here wears some of her favorites. Her cocktail choice (above) is an updated flapper dress in jersey by Joanna ($60). At Whiskey Go Go (upper right), a teenage hangout on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, she wears Cappy Capriotti's bush-jacket-slack outfit ($85). At right are two more outfits by Capriotti: for lunch at Le Bistro in Beverly Hills she wears a trim wool suit with ruffled blouse ($265), and for boutique shopping she wears a crisp white linen suit with deep sailor collar ($175).

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