Article from:  "Ed Platt,"  CHBC TV Teleguide, April 27, 1969. Page 6.

    Ed Platt was 31 years old when he changed careers.

    "When I came out of the service, I decided to become an actor," he said.  "I had trained to be an opera singer."

    He had a promising career ahead as a singer, but, instead of achieving renown as a basso profundo, Platt went on to achieve fame as the Chief on the Get Smart series.

    "I was discouraged to see people who were accepted as fine singers receive so very little financial compensation, compared with other professions and acting," said Platt.  "I found that the other benefits weren't enough.  I felt that one's talent should be rewarded financially as well."

    Platt said he was "very, very fortunate" in making the transition.

    "Jose Ferrer, who was a friend of mine, found a place in all his productions for me," Platt explained.  "I made 40 pictures in my first five years in Hollywood,"

    Platt's success came gradually.  The hardest part was the relative anonymity.  "People don't know your name or they haven't seen you.  This is very injurious to the ego."

    But Get Smart changed all that.

    Oddly enough, this was the kind of series Platt had wanted.  "Ever since TV came on the scene I had hoped for a comedy series," said Platt.  "I get a big kick out of comedy.  It has been around for a long time.  I'm sure when Adam found Eve he had something funny to say."

    Platt accepts his good fortune while he accepts the fact that he will never achieve his earlier musical ambition.  He finds satisfaction in the thought that he's an entertainer, whether he sings or not.


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