Article from:  "Don Adams,"  CHBC TV Teleguide, May 20, 1962. Page 4.


    One of the trade-marks of any Don Adams monologue is the explosive salutation which marks its beginning.

    "All right men!" he will say authoritatively while still appearing to be just one of them himself.  These words, or something similar, are typical of the satiric and biting humor Adams purveys as a member of  the Kraft Music Hall Players.

    Another hallmark of an Adams lecture is the names of the people in the group.  No matter what the group represents, the people he picks on are always the same:  Spangler, Glick, Harrington, Jackson, Patterson or Freebish.

    Adams was born 36 years ago in New York and got his start as a comedian 14 years ago in a Miami Beach night club.  He was with another young comedian and billed as the "Young Brothers."

    "We did over 100 impressions in 30 minutes in our act," Don recalls.  "Some of them were good, many were not -- but we had gtus."

    Don's first love is television.  "For five years I probably did more guest shots on TV than any comedian around.  But people never remembered me.  Now that I'm part of the Como show, I'm remembered."

    "Como's show is much superior to other variety shows and I've been on them all," says Don.  "Como's writers make the difference."

    The writers -- including Canadians Frank Peppiatt and John Aylesworth -- create the Adams dialogue for the KMH sketches and some of the monologue.

    Don has just celebrated his first wedding anniversary.  His wife is Dorothy Bracken, a dancer who occasionally performs on the Como show.


Webmasters note:  "gtus" of course is most obviously "guts."  When I post these articles, I try my darnedest to bring the reader the most authentic typos that I can find.


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