Article from:  "Celebrity; WHERE ARE THEY NOW?; Taking the role of 99 was a very Smart move." by Paul Sullivan. Boston Herald, October 4, 1999.

"He missed by that much, 99."

As Agent 99, Barbara Feldon often heard that line from Don Adams in "Get Smart", a TV spy spoof that ran to big rating between 1965 and 1970.
Born Susan Hilton, 99 had a traditional upbringing in Pittsburgh, in the '40s and '50s.
"The sense of your role growing up was 'You stand by your man and support him,'" she recalled.
But Barbara, now 59, had other ideas and took off for New York, where she landed as a chorus girl at the famed Copacabana night club. She had some acting roles and even appearance on the TV show, "The $64,000 Question."
But, her big break came in a commercial for men's cologne, when the sexy Feldon urged the boys to "Sic 'em, Tiger."
Then, she landed the role of her lifetime in "Get Smart", where she traded quips with Adams, CONTROL Agent 86.
With "Get Smart" long gone, Barbara has rolled along since 1970, with 20 films to her credits, including the 1989 revival of her Agent 99 role in "Get Smart, Again!"
In recent years, Feldon has guest-starred in a number of TV shows, including "Mad About You," and she has distinguished herself as an expert voice-over artist.
Even though 86 and 99 were almost cartoonish, Feldon says 99 was "a whole person. Although in many shows she just kind of stood around, there was a bigger impression created on the screen about her than was actually on the page."
She also says that not a day goes by when somebody doesn't yell, "Hey, 99" out a cab window or smile and say hello to her on the street.
The recognition from fans, she says, "is the most extraordinary gift in life."

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