Article from: "Celebrity: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?; Don Adams still 'Smart' enough to do commercials" By Paul Sullivan; Boston Herald; May 7, 2001
Would you believe that "Get Smart", which ran from 1965-70 and made stars out of former stand-up comic Don Adams  and ex-model Barbara Feldon and gave us such gadgets as the shoe phone and...SHHH!...the Cone of Silence, is on cable's TV Land?
Adams said, "No one had seen a sitcom like this. ABC thought it was too weird. It was Mad magazine, but subtler."
Feldon said recently, with a perfectly straight face, that she and Adams were invited to CIA headquarters to observe a new exhibition of gadgets they had from the "Get Smart" and "I Spy" TV shows.
After the show ran its course, Adams did a couple of reunion movies and also had one stinkbomb film, "The Naked Bomb," which was based on "Get Smart."
He also had a very successful run as the voice of Inspector Gadget on TV and a cameo in the Matthew Broderick movie.
"I guess I wasn't right for the title role," he said.
There's been word in Phonytown that Jim Carrey may star in Adams' role of Maxwell Smart in a movie version of his old TV series.
"I guess I wasn't right for that role, either," he said.
When asked how his spent his time now, the 74-year-old Adams said, "I spend my days trying to tie my shoelaces and watching the spots on my hands turn brown."
Actually, he's doing very nicely making TV commercials.
Adams was up for a new series, but in the end he missed it, by THAT much.

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