Article from:  "Temporarily Disconnected " TV Guide January 29, 1966.

And if the water gets any higher, these

 'Get Smart' agents fear the

 interruption may be permanent

Agent 99 hopes for the best as 86 phones for help from headquarters.

It's no place for a claustrophobic, or anybody else for that matter, but Don Adams, who admits he hates that closed-in feeling and who can't even tread water, is shown here giving his all for art's sake.  In the Get Smart! episode of Feb. 5, he and co-star Barbara Feldon (Agent 99) have become trapped in phone booth trying to escape from the evil Dr. Braam.  As the enclosure begins to flood, Secret Agent Maxwell Smart says, "I've got a feeling this is no ordinary phone booth."

    The water pours in.  Smart tries to call CONTROL on his shoe phone, but the water shorts it out and they try the booth phone.  As Smart is talking, he is cut off, and since he and 99 had only one dime between them they are out of luck.  Finally, Smart uses 99's diamond ring to cut through the booth glass.

    When the scene was over, Miss Feldon opined that there was some difference between swimming at East Hampton and in the phone booth, "but at least there are no sharks."  She managed to float long enough to get in her dialog, but her dress floated too, creating a problem.  "But when the water got over my head, I forgot all about that."

    As for Adams, he said he couldn't even tread water although he could swim a little, "But as any nut can plainly see, this booth is too small to swim in."

    The scene was set up in two days; the booth specially constructed at a cost of some $950.  Clear plastic was used instead of glass, and the regular door was replaced by a metal plate.  The booth was left topless and a ladder held ready so that the stars could get out in a hurry if necessary.  The water was heated.  "After all," said prop man Perzy High, "you can't put stars in cold water."

Above, water pours in; then, 86 tries booth phone after shoe phone fails.  Finally, he cuts glass with 99's diamond.

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