Would you believe... 20 years?

Ah... the summer of 1999. At the time it seemed like much was happening. It was a summer of work at the bookstore, a game of musical majors at Purdue and other assorted drama. Somewhere I got the ambitious idea at the time to create my own web page of all my interests.
Initially called Amanda's Swinging Website, I had a few separate areas devoted to The Beatles, Swing and of course Get Smart. Naturally, Get Smart took over the whole darn thing and I changed the name to the Unclassified Get Smart Site.
The site went through a few redesigns -I sure loved image maps in the old days. With 15 megs of space on Geocities, it was all about keeping it tight, accessible and still fun. 
In 2005 the Unclassified Get Smart Site moved off of Geocites and got its own domain name: www.ilovegetsmart.com.
Working on this site has been a labor of love -that's what I get out of it. It's been good times and will hopefully continue to be that way for years to come.
Just for kicks, I've unearthed and reloaded some of the former main pages. Most of the links should work as well. My apologies if I've missed anything.

A walk down website lane